eScan Internet Security for Windows

eScan Internet Security for Windows 14.0

Heuristics algorithms of eScan antivirus protects your PC from unknown malware

eScan Internet Security is a complex and trustworthy antivirus, antispam and content security application for Windows.
Its goal is to provide strong protection for your PC against all kind of threats like Viruses, Spyware, Adware content, Phishing, Offensive content or other information security threats. The suite integrates a complete set of tools, such as Files Anti-Virus, Endpoint Security, Privacy Control and others. These applications will come in help in order to counter viruses or get rid of spam.

eScan offers a multi-level protection shield against Viruses, Worms, Spyware or Trojans. It uses powerful and reliable security tools, such as Application Control, MWL Technology, NILP Technology, Endpoint Security, Domain Blacklisting, Firewall.

eScan Internet Security suite allows you to safely surf the Internet. Its Web Protection feature provides a built-in firewall that will monitor the network traffic in order to detect and block any suspicious activities. Another great feature of eScan Internet Security is its ability to scan the emails that you send or receive using different e-mail clients

Integrating a great number of features and tools, eScan Internet Security is able to provide high-level Internet and system protection. It stands as a great alternative to other popular security tools.

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